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Renner Safe Carpool Procedures

  1. There are two entry lanes into the Renner school community: One way is from West Parker Road, which has speed bumps, so please slow down and look for walking students. The second entrance is from Willow Bend Drive, which also has speed bumps.
  2. Parents dropping off students should continue through the Renner carpool line toward the front of the school. Be sure to pull up as far as you can toward the gym to allow more cars through the lane. NO students should get out of a vehicle from the middle or far left lanes. It is very difficult to seeing darting kids in heavy traffic flow.
  3. Upon reaching the furthest you can pull up, students must be prepared to exit the vehicle immediately–all materials should be gathered and goodbyes already made. Students should be ready to exit the vehicle as soon as it reaches a complete stop.
  4. Under no circumstances should students be dropped off in a parking lot unless you are parking your car. The parking lots are reserved for parents who have business inside the school. Dropping students off in park lot creates difficult visibility for darting students, as well as interrupts a respectful flow of traffic.
  5. It is important that everyone remain both courteous and patient and keep in mind that these procedures are designed to ensure the safety of your child, along with all other Renner students.
  6. Please look out for students in designated crosswalks in the morning and afterschool. We are teaching the students to use these designated areas.
  7. Lastly, the traffic lane getting back onto West Parker can back up during morning commute, so arriving at school a little earlier is generally more efficient.

After school seems to be the bubbliest time of the day, as students are excited to get home and hug mom and dad, so please be extra vigilant for students getting to their cars. Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and concern for all our Renner students!


Renner FANS (Food and Nutritional Services) information 

Main home page for FANS:


Meal Viewer: can access all school cafeteria menus in the palm of your hand! PISD has launched menus in MealViewer which is an app and website that allows everyone to access all breakfast and lunch menus for every school in the district. It even shows what major allergens are in each item, as well as nutritional info. The MealViewer app can be downloaded for free through both the App Store and Google Play for mobile phones, and can be accessed online at You can also go to ->For Parents ->Food & Nutritional Services (FANS) ->Menus and Nutritional Information. From there you can click on the MealViewer logo and access online instructions.


Pre-pay for School Meals at Login to the site at least one week before the beginning of the school year. Any balance will transfer from year to year. Please direct any questions you may have to Renner‘s FANS Manager Kumei Lu at

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