2018 - 2019 Renner PTA Board and Chairs
Executive Officers Board Name Email
President Stella Heidman president@rennerpta.org
First VP – Programs Rita Cunningham programs@rennerpta.org
Second VP – Volunteers Amy Matz volunteers@rennerpta.org
Third VP – Ways & Means Nelsy Mele ways@rennerpta.org
Fourth VP – Membership Sara Burnett membership@rennerpta.org
Secretary Tricia Hunsucker secretary@rennerpta.org
Treasurer Teranne Keogh treasurer@rennerpta.org
Parliamentarian Angela Chastain  parliamentarian@rennerpta.org
Standing Committees    
Arts in Education Swarna Madduri reflections@rennerpta.org
Birthdays Benet Martin birthdays@rennerpta.org
Book Fair Hema Kalyadurg bookfair@rennerpta.org
Calendar Laura Draudt calendar@rennerpta.org
Care Hollie Carlson care@rennerpta.org
Casserole Julie Traub casserole@rennerpta.org
Color Run Julie Raecek (AND Co Chair) colorrun@rennerpta.org
Community Outreach Lisa Carlson outreach@rennerpta.org
Cultural Fusion Rekha Sharma culture@rennerpta.org
Environmental OPEN environmental@rennerpta.org
Hospitality/Newcomer Vanessa Eckroat hospitality@rennerpta.org
Legislative Karen Richards legislative@rennerpta.org
Library Denise Levine library@rennerpta.org
Membership Toolkit Kristie Shorey MTK@rennerpta.org
Office & Copy Denise Levine office@rennerpta.org
Partnerships April Grizzle partnerships@rennerpta.org
Publicity Jen Kendall publicity@rennerpta.org
Communications - Newsletter & Website Brandi Stevens newsletter@rennerpta.org
Website Brandi Stevens website@rennerpta.org
SAGE Susan White sage@rennerpta.org
School Store Chair Rhonda Snyder store@rennerpta.org
School Store Scheduling Kara Grimes storeschedule@rennerpta.org
School Supplies Karen Ricketts supplies@rennerpta.org
Science Fair Mark Zable science@rennerpta.org
Spirit Wear Susan Schwartz spiritwear@rennerpta.org
Student Socials Susan Ramirez socials@rennerpta.org
Teacher Appreciation Ritu Gupta and Lauren Green appreciation@rennerpta.org
Teacher Treats Tara Tevis & Jill Levy treats@rennerpta.org
Yard Signs/Decals/Electives Spirtwear Kimberly DeWeese signs@rennerpta.org
Principal Jill Engelking jill.engelking@pisd.edu
Asst. Principal Josh Stamper joshua.stamper@pisd.edu
Asst. Principal Barbara Pitt barbara.pitt@pisd.edu

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